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Mini Invaders

I worked on a team of 3 designers including myself, we were tasked with creating a concept and prototype for a mobile game.


My team and I created personas by conducting surveys, and asking users what aspects and challenges they look for in mobile games. A mind map of all the game’s menus, features, and gameplay loop was created, including sections such as settings, notifications, and an in-game store.


made in Figma


The visual design was inspired by classic arcade games, symbolizing a staple place in communities for players to socialize and compete. The game was to be friendly for all ages so my goal was to create a new take on the 1978 Space invaders with simple shapes and bright colors. The aesthetic was smooth stylization over the classic pixel art, this allowed for a more modern look while also allowing for the assets to be printed easily for marketing.

Mobile Mock ups

I took the prototype layout and used it to create the full-fidelity mock-ups.


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